Transforming Business & Consumer Intersections

With Blockchain & AI Technologies

Welcome to Chrysalisto Group

Chrysalisto Group is a multi-faceted Holding Company, currently comprised of four entities – DeFi, DeMine Co-Op, DLT, and AI. We are focused on the transformation of business & consumer intersections via blockchain and AI technologies.
  • At DeFi, we are building both blockchain-specific decentralized financial instruments, such as Credit Tokens, Stable Coins, and Flat Coins (aka inflation adjusted coins) that leverage non-tradition assets.
  • At DeMine Co-op, we have built a decentralized member base with a centralized crypto mining operation focused on the new Level-1 Core Blockchain.
  • At Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), we are building market-making capabilities around the new Level-1 Core Blockchain.
  • At AI, we specialize in integrating innovative artificial intelligence into the heart of businesses. Our mission is to transform companies’ operations, leveraging AI to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and unlock new opportunities.

Key Initiatives

Chrysalisto DeMine & DLT

DeMine Co-Op – The Core XCB Crypto Mining Co-Op
DLT – XCB Cypto Trading & Arbitrage

Chrysalisto AI

AI PowerPodcasting Services
AI Data Guys Service
Process Automations

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