Chrysalisto DeFi

Chrysalisto DeFi, Incorporated develops software that enables auditors to report continuous valuation of assets backing stablecoins. Stablecoin owners trust our proof-of-work system, which verifies the existence of collateral. DeFi’s software deploys a Bayesian inference algorithm to value Tier 3 assets, resulting in more stable valuations for assets demonstrating non-correlated risk.

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In our demonstration below, we display the GAAP financial projections of a Tier 3 asset pool based on a model portfolio representing a one-hundred million-dollar investment pool. Our goal is to start ten different asset pools in the next four years. It’s an investment right-sized for EU regulatory purposes that investors would fund as Special Purpose vehicles (SPVs).

Our Bayesian algorithm generates the projected investment results by changing the asset pool’s observed/actual versus expected mortality rate, using a number between 50 and 150 percent. The range is fifty percent below the expected mortality rate to fifty percent above that same expected rate; one hundred percent is the expected mortality rate.

You can also adjust six other variables: Stable Coin Pool Size in USD; Beginning Actuarial Risk Cash Reserve % of Pool; Pool Maturity or Call in Years; Sinking Fund Target Rate; Cash Reserve Target Rate; Actuarial Risk Reserve Target Rate.

DeFi = Tier 3 Asset Pool Valuation Fair Value GAAP Data Retrieval & Update

Chrysalisto DeFi - Prototype Stable Coin GAAP Financials

Tier 3 Life Settlement Asset Pool - Fair Valuation Calculator

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