​​Chrysalisto ​DeMine Co-Op

The Core XCB Mining Cooperative

Chrysalisto DeMine Co-op is a cryptocurrency blockchain mining collective. After becoming a leading miner on the Core Decentralized Technologies XCB blockchain, we focused on “decentralizing our mine” by broadly expanding our client base. We offer mining opportunities for individuals, commission research to share with our community, and sponsor promotions to support the broad acceptance of the Core Blockchain.

  • We are working to ignite the global Core movement. We believe that Core’s mandatory Corepass™ entry portal protects digital identity to enable a community of truth and trust. This ecosystem must be highly decentralized to grow. Yet, that won’t spontaneously make it materialize. We will lead by example and become an ever more decentralizing influence in supporting XCB Miners, dApp Developers, and their customers.
  • Core’s XCB is an efficient new “internet of things” Level-1 Blockchain. We have created what we believe is the most scalable and cost-effective Core XCB mining operation on the planet. We can assist you in generating XCB with our low-cost data centers and scale through our cloud infrastructure partners. Whether you are interested in mining managed services, joining our collective of miners, or have questions about XCB, we are here to help.
  • Chrysalisto DeMine Co-op also provides a managed service on a per XCB block/coin basis for those who do not wish to become a Co-Op member. We have extensively tested various server and software configurations in our data center and on the cloud. We know the optimal configuration for mining Core XCB.

Interested in the Core Blockchain? Reach out to us on LinkedIn or Twitter or via Email at for more details on how you can become a co-op member of our expanding community of Core XCB miners!​

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